Training Fast Track Waitlist

When we hire a new instructor they must be trained how to teach using SwimKids proprietary technique. The best way to train is with actual student's! So we are offering you the opportunity to help us train our new instructors. Request your child be added to the waitlist and we will contact you as opportunities become available.*

Request to Join the Waitlist

Student's Name *
Student's Name
Student's must be 5 years old and younger and a Level 4 or below.
Parent's Phone # *
Parent's Phone #
Preferred Availability *
Please list the times of day you would prefer to have lessons.

*Lessons will be taught by trainee's under the supervision of our Aquatics Director. Lessons will be offered in packages of 8 or more lessons only. Student's must pay for everyday the Fast Track is scheduled. No make-ups are offered for missed lessons. Availability is limited and spots will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis. There is a $15.00 Annual Registration Fee for "new" student's, or those who have not swam with SwimKids in the past 12 months.