Rhonda Baddley

Cribbage Aficionado, Proud Grandma

"By the end of the second lesson, my 3 1/2 yr. old grandson was no longer afraid to get his face wet. We have had a lesson from practically every instructor at SwimKids and I have been happy with each and every one of them."

Nicole Poland

Pediatric Physical Therapist, Triathlete 

"I have had 3 boys at Swimkids for the past 5 years. They have each progressed to be great swimmers! Even my 3 year old can swim across the pool by himself! They have a standard for teaching that is carried over by each teacher. The 1-on-1 teaching style is best for younger and newer swimmers. Each time I change to another pool for lessons I regret it and we are back at Swimkids within a month. Highly recommend it!!"

Amy Fogel

Domestic Engineer, Coffee Connoisseur 

"My 2 sons loved their lessons & teachers at Swim Kids! Every instructor we had was very knowledgeable and great with our boys. In a few short months, my sons made incredible advances with their swimming abilities. SwimKids gave us all the piece of mind knowing that they have the basic skills needed to keep them safer in the water."

Emily Tate

PE Teacher, Aspiring Cook, Mom

"We love SwimKids! We've had our four-year old swimming with them for almost 2 years. We felt the cost of the lesson was well worth our money considering they are helping her learn a life skill. We have been shocked at how fast she has progressed. She's a little fish in the water now and is super confident swimming around at age four...We love our instructor!"