The SwimKids Way

An introduction to the Why, What, and How of SwimKids


I started thinking about swimming lessons when my oldest daughter was barely six months old. We had just moved next to an open canal, and I was naturally concerned for her safety. I had almost drowned when I was seven because I didn’t know how to swim, and I wanted to avoid that for my daughter. I began researching what the youngest age was that you could teach a child to swim; I was going to keep my daughter safe.

Even before my research into children’s swimming began, I had a natural affinity for children. I had always loved kids and had chosen to study early childhood education in college. I loved watching their curiosity and excitement for life, and found real joy in being able to teach them new skills. Seeing children’s faces light up with enthusiasm was always really fun for me. My early swimming research built on my degree and helped me see that even a child as young as my daughter could learn to swim. And so, SwimKids was born to teach kids life skills through hands on education.


Every child begins with a different comfort level in the water. Some are eager to jump in while others cling to mom hoping they won’t have to get wet. 30+ years and thousands of children have taught us that the best way to address this variation in desire and ability is to teach private, one-on-one swim lessons. One-on-one instruction allows us the flexibility to meet each individual child where they are, and tailor the instruction to their specific needs.

It is foolish to assume that children of the same age will all swim at the same level. We deliberately don’t teach group lessons for new swimmers, and focus instead on private instruction. This allows us to give each child what they individually need, ensuring they progress. Because our instructors are able to focus on one child at a time instead of having to try and keep track of four to six kids, each child’s safety is ensured and they are provided with the best possible environment for success.


We teach short 15-minute lessons. Learning to swim is hard work.  Short, but focused, private, one-on-one lessons are perfectly suited to young children’s limited attention and physical ability.

On average, we can teach a three year old that has never been under the water, our swim-float-swim technique in 16 lessons.

At SwimKids, our goal is to teach children real skills while also building their confidence. Our lessons provide a low stress environment to help children both learn to swim, and to enjoy the water.


We hope to swim with you soon!


(Note: This post is the first in a serious of posts that will explore why SwimKids was started, what it is we do, and how we do it. Stay tuned to learn more.)

Liz Walker is the founder and owner of SwimKids Utah. She is the mother of 5 children, grandmother to 7, and lives in Utah. When she isn't busy running her company, she can usually be found spending time with her grandchildren, teaching them something.

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