We've Updated Our Curriculum

Today we are proud to announce our new 10 Level Curriculum. Levels 1-6 are our Safety Levels and Levels 7-10 are our Technique Levels.

We have worked for more than 30 years to perfect our ability to teach children to swim and we have never shied away from making changes when we find a better way of doing things. We don't believe in continuing to do things the way they have been done just because. We care about our ability to teach our students and when we know we can do better, we're going to make that happen.

What this Means

From the outside, the changes are relatively small and highly specific, so you won't likely notice much of a difference in our teaching.  What you will notice, is increased communication with you from our office and instructors about your child and their progress! Each time your child advances, you will receive an update on their accomplishment and what they will be working on moving forward. We're excited to celebrate your children's achievements with you!

Safety Levels

Levels 1-6 are primarily designed to teach water safety using the Swim-Float-Swim technique. By breaking our curriculum down into small bite-sized skills, our students are able to gradually and progressively develop the ability to Swim-Float-Swim across the pool.

Rec Centers and other swim schools teach with different curriculums that vary in how detailed they get in their break down of skills. But the results we have seen, and continue to see, has us convinced that our private lesson based curriculum does it best.

Technique Levels

Our Technique Levels shadow the Red Cross' Curriculum, focusing first on freestyle and gradually developing the other competitive swim strokes. When students reach these levels we often graduate them into one of our stroke groups where they benefit from positive peer pressure and longer lessons to build their endurance.