Punch Passes are "drop-in lessons" that are scheduled in a 2 day window over text and are the perfect solution for those who need more flexibility in their lessons and scheduling.

Purchasing a Punch Pass gets you...

10 lessons for only $200

20% off regular priced lessons

How it Works

Each night our office will text* Punch Pass holders a list of available lessons times in the coming two days. Those interested in a specific time will then be able to book directly over text.

Purchase a Punch Pass to automatically be added to the list.

Punch Pass: 10 Lesson Package
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Registration Fee:
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Punch Pass Details

  • Punch Pass credit does not expire

  • Lessons cannot be scheduled more that 48 hours in advance

  • There are no makeups for Punch Pass lessons so don't book them unless you're certain you can attend

  • Once you have used all 10 lessons, you will need to purchase another 10 Lesson Punch Pass to continue scheduling through text

  • Texts will come from 801-691-7946

  • New students are subject to a $30 Annual Registration Fee


*Available Times will be texted to you by 7:00pm each night. Text confirmation of a booking will come no later than 10:00am the following morning. Lessons are offered on a first come, first serve basis. We will respond to texts during regular business hours only.