Holladay Fast Tracks

Fast track your child’s progress at

just $̶2̶5̶ $20/lesson!

Fast Tracks are the best way to jump start our new/returning students, and are commonly used as a boosts for students taking other lessons. The high concentration of lessons accelerates kids’ progression.

(A Fast Track is a set of one-on-one lessons, multiple days/week, for 2-3 weeks)

Available Morning Fast Tracks:


Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Nov 4-Nov 22


Nov 25-Dec 13

9:00 am-2:00 pm

9 Lessons

Hayley, Nov4-Nov 22
from 180.00
Registration Fee:
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Hayley, Nov 25-Dec 13
from 160.00
Registration Fee:
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Available Afternoon/Evening Fast Tracks:

Tuesday, Thursday

Oct 29-Nov 21 & Nov 26-Dec 19

3:30 pm-7:30 pm

7 Lessons

Aly B, Oct 29-Nov 21
from 140.00
Registration Fee:
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Aly B, Nov 26-Dec 19
from 140.00
Registration Fee:
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Fast Track Details:

  • New students are subject to a $30 Annual Registration Fee

  • Booking a Fast Track requires you pay for each day of the session

  • All make-ups are $5 (if you are booking after the fast track started, then we can schedule make-ups for passed times)

  • One student is booked for the same time for the entire session


Hours and Location:


4679 S 2225 E
Holladay, UT 84117


Mon-Th: 9 am-7 pm
Fri: 9 am-6 pm
Sat: 9 am-3 pm


Phone: 801-691-7946

Email: info@swimkidsutah.com