Our History


In 1983 Liz Walker, her husband, and their 18 month old daughter moved to Provo, Utah. Next to their new home was an open irrigation ditch. This led Liz to feel concerned for her daughter's safety.

She began searching for a program that could teach young children to swim. Many of the programs she looked at introduced children to the water, but failed to actually teach them any real skills. After many months, she finally found a program that actually taught young children, even infants, the skill of swimming.

She watched as children as young as 10 months, and in as few as 10 lessons, would swim, float, and then swim again, from one side of a swimming pool to the other. With her degree in early childhood education and her love of children, Liz knew this skill-centric teaching method was right for her and her young family.

Liz eventually settled in Salt Lake City, Utah. She established a steadily growing business, raised five of her own children, and continuously perfected the swim, float, swim method she had encountered as a young mother. Through the years, the business grew to the point where Liz needed help. Her first employee was her oldest daughter, the one who had originally motivated Liz to start the company. Since then, all five of Liz’s children have been SwimKids instructors, providing Liz the opportunity to share her love of teaching young children with her family.

30 years, many saved lives, and tens of thousands of swimming lessons later, SwimKids now operates multiple facilities dedicated to teaching children life skills through hands on learning. Liz and her family continue to help SwimKids grow and hope it can provide an ever increasing number of children and families the kid-centric experience offered at SwimKids!


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