Core Values


It’s All About the Kids

We approach each day and each problem with the kids in mind. We consider how each interaction with a customer, each policy change, and each lesson will benefit the kids. Will it be fun? Is it encouraging? Is it designed with their development in mind? We call our students by name and are excited to welcome them to our facility and celebrate each achievement with them. We look for every opportunity to compliment, cheer on, give high fives, and have an impromptu dance party with them. Whether it’s Benjamin, Rachel, Pearl, or Jimmy, it’s all about them!


Just Keep Swimming

At SwimKids, we never stop improving. We seek to be better today than we were yesterday, and better tomorrow than we are today. We will always have another mountain to climb or ocean to swim. We always look for the next challenge in order to better ourselves, our company, and our customers’ experience. We are lifelong learners and educators who will never stop striving to be better and achieve more. We strive to instill this same desire in our students. Complacency is regression, and the status quo exists to be broken.


No TV Dinners

We invest in home-cooked meals, are physically active, and strive for healthy choices and relationships in every area of our lives. This means we don’t take shortcuts in our work or at home, and we choose to spend our time with family and friends rather than on our phones, or in front of the television. We regularly exercise to keep our minds and bodies sharp and strong. We’re willing to sacrifice in the short-term in order to invest in the future and reap long-term rewards. We live fun and active lifestyles, and empower our students to do the same.